I found this interesting. Apparently, during recessions/depressions, life expectancy increases at a higher rate than during economically prosperous times. I disagree with Orszag’s prescriptions for the “problem”. I see this as a positive for society. People living longer means that folks will have a larger window of adding to the economy via work, investment, consuming, charity, teaching trades and/or skills, etc.

The Worse the Economy, the Longer People Live


So do we want the Occupiers in public office? I would prefer the OWS crowd in office than the current crowd representing the Democratic Party. They state what they believe with passion. They are taking the mask off of who they are. I am cool with talking to them, not the current crop of politicians. I can respect that.

Does Occupy Wall Street Have a Future in Politics?

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By the way, the purple marks are Economically Capitalist, Socially Libertarian, and Foreign Policy as an Interventionist. The orange marks are Economically Capitalist, Socially Libertarian, and Foreign Policy as a Non-interventionist.

Pretty bad ass eh?

JBrenn Is one of the most thoughtful and reserved guys I know, when he says something it’s because he’s thought long and hard on it. This is a great example of his deliberative thinking and his choice of candor over pander.

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Rogue knows his stuff when it comes to sniffing out socialism. Just remember to keep dictionary.com up on a different tab.

Rogue Operator kicks ass and chews bubblegum. Last night five white russians stole all of his bubblegum so he wrote this in full asskicking mode.

I have to say it. I didn’t know all the facts about Newt’s new Leftist talking points against successful capitalists. Newt needs to apologize about this. I get his anger toward Mitt, but he has to stay positive and to the Right of Mitt not to the Left. Newt seems to have doubled down on this crap. Because of this news, I can’t support Newt. At this point, I will reserve my support for any candidate. Hope someone can win over my support.


What does the Iowa Caucus mean?

The Iowa Caucus results from Tuesday were as follows: Mitt Romney won by 8 votes with 25%, Rick Santorum was a very, very close second with 25%, Ron Paul finished third with 21%, Newt Gingrich had 13%, Rick Perry ended up with 10%, Michele Bachmann had 6%, and Jon Huntsman had the rear with 1%.

There were several stories from the Iowa Caucuses. Of those, the “photo finish” is by far the most talked about, yet, it is also the least consequential. Read the rest of this entry »


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