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Drudge pulled this out from the way back machine. But this should be a positive for Mitt Romney. The voters he is trying to win over are more likely the vote for a Mormon anyway. Stop using his LDS faith as a crutch. He should be proud of his faith. Tell us how it affected his life and his view of the world. I think if he was willing to open up more, people would start to connect with him. Humble yourself. Let the chips fall where they may.

Anti-Mormon bias persists, notably among Democrats


This chart is pretty crappy but we need four more years of Obama. It could be worse.

Here is Ann Coulter’s piece, “What’s Their Problem with Romney?”

Ann Coulter wrote a piece asking, “What’s Their Problem with Romney?” There were several parts of her piece that showed her disconnect with the GOP base. This post will address some of her comments. Read the rest of this entry »

Here is Ann Coulter’s piece, “What’s Their Problem with Romney?”

The theme of Ann Coulter’s piece is that Romney is the “Outsider” and not a part of the “GOP Establishment”. I will not argue against the “Outsider” view, but Romney not being a part of the “GOP Establishment” is very debatable.

I think Coulter has a very different definition of “GOP Establishment” than most folks in the country. The Establishment is not necessarily where you live, whom you associate with, what offices you have worked, or how informed you are on how the media, Washington, or lobbying works. The simple definition of the “GOP Establishment” is people in the Republican Party who are only interested in maintaining power. There are many folks in this category. Read the rest of this entry »

I think Ben Howe has a good point that conservatives are sucking at winning the argument of income taxes. He has some ideas of how to convince folks not paying income taxes that taxes are bad. Not sure I buy it, but we should try and walk a mile in the “47%”‘s shoes. People are acting in their self interest as they know it. Show them the error of their ways.

We are Losing the Tax Debate Even Though We’re Right

For names on the new website. I suggest Liberty Cantina (taking from JD). Got any other ideas. Want to place to be inviting, open setup, tends to have more liberty loving folks, but to have a variety of opinions, views, personal life experiences, personalities, and skill sets. Give me ideas in the comments.

In case there is a Brokered convention, At this point, the polls say Christie is the popular choice vs Palin, Jeb Bush, Daniels. Christie is a moderate but he would be my choice. He has a backbone and will defend the 70% of stuff I agree with him on with 100% effort. Yes, I am a RINO.
Quinnipiac Poll: In a Broker Convention, Christie leads over Palin, Jeb Bush, and Daniels

Daria Novak,the person running against Congressman Joe Courtney in CT-2, will be co-hosting the Conservative Commandos Radio Show today beginning at 3:45 pm EDST. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter will be joining her at 4 pm to talk about a brokered national convention. Hope you’ll tune in to WIFI if you are in NJ or PA. If not, listen live on the Internet at

Buddy Roemer is leaving the GOP field. Buddy who? Exactly. Apparently his ego needs to be stroked by running third party. Lame.
Roemer to Launch Independent Bid for President

I found this interesting. Apparently, during recessions/depressions, life expectancy increases at a higher rate than during economically prosperous times. I disagree with Orszag’s prescriptions for the “problem”. I see this as a positive for society. People living longer means that folks will have a larger window of adding to the economy via work, investment, consuming, charity, teaching trades and/or skills, etc.

The Worse the Economy, the Longer People Live


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