Mission Statement


TexasorBustedForum is a platform for giving new voices the confidence and inspiration to be heard in the arena of ideas. Believing in the maxim “silence is consent,” the most powerful thoughts often arise from the politically marginalized individual who adds his or her perspective on what is happening.


We all have our own strengths, weaknesses, skills, and acquired knowledge that constitute our citizenry’s accumulated education, life’s experiences, and resources.


TexasorBustedForum is rooted in empirical facts, verifiable information, and sharing skills, tools, and experiences for future activism. We do not exclude ideas nor suppress individual liberty.


What information is conveyed in the forum must be demonstrable, provable, or explainable in a fully considered context in order to be considered valid.


This forum is therefore not about conspiracies, cranks, racism, misogyny or bigotry in any form. All personal attacks on individuals are considered a waste of time and do not add substantively to this forum.


The goal is to sharpen the participants’ skills of rhetoric and political persuasion, to build and capitalize on each person’s unique talents, and build confidence in each person’s distinct voice.


The platforms that the TexasorBustedForum participants engage in are as follows: Ustream, Blog Talk Radio, chatrooms, Skype/phone calls into TB-TV, other programs, blogs, and other media.


Please spread the word about TexasorBustedForum to inform people of this unique and empowering opportunity. America will be a better country if citizens take part in the political battle for the soul of the republic.