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Wedding_ringsHaving read Steven Crowder’s (@scrowder on twitter) latest controversial column on the benefits of getting married, I feel compelled to voice my opinion as a single, unmarried conservative woman.

The non-marital cohabiting trend seems to have grown more popular in the past decade than wearing tights as pants, and, similarly, leaves bystanders trying not to ask the obvious, awkward questions:

“Oh, nice to meet your…husband? brother?”
“When’s the wedding?! Er…oh…”
“You DO know your butt crack is clearly visible through those things, right?”

Okay, so that last one was for the tights-as-pants crowd (seriously though, ladies…tights aren’t pants). Either way, I’d rather live without the awkward questions.

Quite frankly, when I see couples living together without being married, a phrase comes to mind: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Sure, plenty of these couples end up getting married, but only after getting a little…

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