Here is Ann Coulter’s piece, “What’s Their Problem with Romney?”

The theme of Ann Coulter’s piece is that Romney is the “Outsider” and not a part of the “GOP Establishment”. I will not argue against the “Outsider” view, but Romney not being a part of the “GOP Establishment” is very debatable.

I think Coulter has a very different definition of “GOP Establishment” than most folks in the country. The Establishment is not necessarily where you live, whom you associate with, what offices you have worked, or how informed you are on how the media, Washington, or lobbying works. The simple definition of the “GOP Establishment” is people in the Republican Party who are only interested in maintaining power. There are many folks in this category.

The GOP Establishment includes politicians who are interested in maintaining power and controlling the “Leviathan” when it’s their turn. They have no concern with actually reducing the size and scope of government.

The Establishment includes members of the GOP/conservative media who want to be able to go to parties and not be embarrassed around their liberal friends. That’s why lots of times you see either some of the so called conservative media prescribe Democrat-Lite policies that accept the liberal premise that government has to be involved with everything, or the Establishment freaks out over social conservatives because everything is a moral argument and not a reasoned argument.

The Establishment includes lobbyists and organizations. If the purpose of the group is to increase their influence and power, those are the folks in the Establishment. What lobbyists and organizations ought to do is work for the change they seek, accomplish the goal, then pack up and go home, and be vigilant in keeping politicians accountable. That’s it.  Permanent lobbyists and organizations are part of the problem. These folks try to justify their existence so they can keep getting contributions.

The Establishment always wants to appear smart. They think that the base’s intelligence is lacking. Now I think the base does not know all the nuances of the issues, but they do have a common sense view, which is usually conservative in their approach.

By using these examples, Mitt Romney is part of “The GOP Establishment”. Romney doesn’t really stand firmly with social conservatives or other conservatives for that matter. Nor does he seem to be for reducing the size and scope of government, but instead controlling and maintaining the Leviathan”. Sounds like the GOP Establishment to me.

I will fully address Ann Coulter’s piece: A Response to Ann Coulter’s Challenge of “What’s Their Problem with Romney?”, Part 2, Addressing Coulter’s Comments.